Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Agave Lime Fresh Fruit Salad

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Recipe # 18

I had a couple girls over the other night and thought this was the perfect, EASY dish to put together for a light snack. I'm obsessed with this! How come I haven't been making this my entire life?? It has everything I love: fruit, grapes {I realize that's a fruit, but I really LOVE grapes :)!!}, poppy seeds and a new find agave nectar!! 

I found the recipe {HERE} at the ever wonderful Six Sisters' Stuff. I LOVE that blog! They have a ridiculous amount of recipes!! 

The recipe called for honey, but I decided to go with agave nectar. It is supposed to be a better/healthier sweetener {I tried looking for nutrition facts, but the honey I have is local and didn't have any :/}. It tasted just as sweet but it is less sticky and not as thick. A bonus in my book.

It is definitely more of a summer dish, but I wasn't about to hold off 4 more months to try this perfect salad!! I had to replace kiwi, which isn't in season and therefore nowhere to be found, with raspberries. 

I can't say enough good things about this fruity and delicious salad!! Here is another pretty pic!! 

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