Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wedding Decor: Geronimo Balloons

Who knew helium would be such a big struggle during my wedding planning process. I don't think I ever cried because of it...(actually....I think I only cried like twice during the whole process....I have limited emotions....what can I say?) but they were a very stressful aspect of the wedding.

My little 2013 - Pinterest - wedding loving heart just could not NOT have giant balloons in her wedding!
I never thought that I would write a blog post about a chemical element....but here it goes.

The Helium: Helium is REALLY hard to find for decent prices. I called countless places trying to rent a tank but it was either way too expensive, or the company didn't have access to helium anymore.

In a perfect scenario, we would have blown up the balloons on site. Since we had 20 36 in. balloons (if you couldn't tell from venue was HUGE!); it was going to be impossible to transport all of them to our venue without some geronimo fatalities. After many phone calls, we realized that our only option was to have them blown up off site and transport them ourselves (while holding our breath, of course). A lot of the decor and furniture was transported from Odessa to OKC, so we had an empty U-haul that we ended up using. Shockingly, that part was a success!

Since renting a tank was no longer an option, Homeland or Party Galaxy were what I had to choose between. I tried places like Dollar Tree but they would only blow up their own balloons, and wouldn't order what I wanted.

The Helium Source: Both Homeland and Party Galaxy would blow them up, but PG wasn't giving me straight answers on pricing or helium availability. Since I had such a large quantity of balloons, they were going to charge me more. So, Homeland it was. Plus they were willing to order the balloons for me! Score! (So I thought).

Issue #1: A few days before the wedding they called to let me know that instead of gold, they were sent silver balloons. In the grand scheme, not that big of a deal...but still, disappointing when you have a certain look in mind. Looking back at pictures, the silver balloons were fine. No one but me, my mom, or Tiffany and Taylor (our awesome planners) would have even known if I wasn't telling you now.

Issue #2: The other issue was that Homeland didn't fill the balloons up all of the way. Meaning that when we went to attach the tassels, they weighed the balloons down. That was frustrating, to say the least. Again, big big deal. But it's one of the many reasons I wanted to blow up the balloons ourselves. So, we ended up having to pair the balloons in groups of 3 to be able to hold the weight of the tassels. (Tissue paper tassels, they were not very heavy in the first place!)

So, after saying all of is what I WISH I had of done (or had the guts to have even tried!)...

Vintage Revivals bought these disposable tanks. They sell them at Hobby Lobby and Party Galaxy, and you might be able to use a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby. Anyways, according to the box and everyone I asked said that the tank would only fill up about 3 balloons, making it way too expensive to even attempt! Vintage Revivals said she got about 7 1/2 balloons filled with each tank. Too bad she wrote this post a few months after my wedding! Geez!

Balloons: Amazon has always been the best price I could find for the 36" balloons.

So, there you have it. What we did....where it went all wrong....and what I still wish I did today!

*I kind of feel like I should add to each Wedding related post that I realize all "complaints" are on the surface. None of these wrecked my wedding. I am still married and will remain married to my husband regardless of the outcome of some balloons, or the venue or any of the "pretty" things. I'm just sharing my experience with you, so that you don't make the same mistakes I did. Or you're reading because you have a general interest in my wedding planning process!* 

All photography by Caroline Rentzel.


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mackyton said...

I just loved the entire decoration. I am also going to have a Country Chic Wedding at one of famous venues in NYC. I really want to have wedding the way I always dreamt of. Let’s hope everything gets executed to perfection.

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