Friday, February 10, 2012

Crock Pot Ribs

300 Recipes in 1 Year
Recipe # 26 

OK. Let me warn you about the pictures you are about to see. They contain poor photographic skills and bad lighting. AND IT IS BUGGING ME!! I REALLY need to learn to start taking my time with these pics and stop dropping my phone in BBQ sauce!!! 

I made these for Super Bowl Sunday! The day was filled with me putting Ribs in the crock pot and working on Zoe Lane stuff for market and not much paying attention to the football game :/ OOPS! Oh well, I got things done and a few recipes knocked out! 

The recipe can be found {HERE}.

I love ribs. My friend and co worker Justin just made my favorite ribs a couple weeks ago. He is quite the "meatress". haha :) Its a new term. Coined just for this blog and just for Justin. I plan on making his mighty delish ribs sometime in the future {with his help of course!} year, probably this summer. Be on the look out! 

I knew these ribs would not match up. I'm OK with that, just because I know its hard to go wrong with a rib. There are two different kinds of ribs....the ooey gooey kind and the dry rub goodness kind. I realize that half of those words don't make sense, but when you are referring a good slab of meat you sometimes get tongue tied. 

These ribs LITERALLY fell off the bone. Like I lifted a bone from the pot and nothing was on it. Wow. With this recipe you have to broil the ribs for a bit. I snapped a pic during the process and you will think to yourself what road kill did Mal pick up and try and feed her family for SBS!?! I know that's slightly grotesque...sorry about that :/

See all those bones? Crazy. Crazy good anyways. Easy meal with a little effort after the crock pot. Perfect for our calm and quiet Super Bowl Sunday night! 

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