Thursday, March 20, 2014

DIY Confetti Packets

Lets talk wedding! MY wedding to be specific!

One of the many DIY projects for our wedding were the confetti packets our guests threw at us after we said "I DO".

{Wedding Photography by Caroline Rentzel Photography}

It was last minute. I had seen the idea on my Pinterest feed, but kind of late in our "planning game"; so I just brushed it off. Obviously that didn't work too well. I just HAD to have them! So, about 3 weeks before our wedding I'm making 220 confetti packs...PLUS checking off things on my already lengthy wedding to do list.

Here are the confetti packets that I had pinned for inspiration:

from Oh Lovely Day

and this one, from a wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake

I took a little of both and here is my final product!

What you'll need:
Washi Tape
Glitter card stock
Tissue Paper
Card Stock
Glassine Bags
Avery Labels
Glue/Scrapbook tape runners

Step 1. Get your Confetti!

Now, you could buy prepackaged confetti instead of making your own...but I seriously couldn't find any that met my wedding standards. I did look on Etsy, and found some for sale there, but by the time I would have gotten it, it would have been cutting it WAY too close. So, I made my own!

You could also just use one type of paper, but since I was also considering how this endeavor would be photographed I thought various weights of paper would work best. That is why I used heavier paper (card stock) and lighter paper (mylar and tissue paper). 

I used my Cricut (for the first time in FOREVER!) and cut out 1/2", 1" and 1 1/2" circles out of various shades of gold glitter paper and various colors of card stock I bought from Hobby Lobby. Another thing that was impossible to find was two sided glitter card stock. I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I glued (using scrapbook tape runners) the glitter card stock together, so no white was showing. That's what I did for a week straight on my lunch breaks at work.

For the tissue paper, I knew that it was too light weight to run through the Cricut, so I used a 1" hole punch. It dulled out a lot, so I used wax paper to sharpen it. It worked most of the time, but I just say they need to make those puppies sharper! Come on, Martha!!

Mylar: I found it pretty difficult to find sheets of gold mylar. Both Michael's & Hob Lob were always out. So I got creative... At my bachelorette party, my sister had a photo booth backdrop made of fringed gold mylar. Luckily, I got the idea before she threw it way. I just cut the mylar confetti from that.

Me & Hillary at the party...a lot of hilarious things happened that night. Lets just say if you are ever in need of partner for a trivia game, DO NOT go with my sister Molly!

FYI: Organization was key for the confetti. Since it took me over a week to make all of the confetti, I couldn't just leave it out on the table, so I used my Birchbox boxes to separate the different kinds of confetti. To say those boxes are perfect would be an understatement!

Step 2. Washi Tape

I seriously have an obsession with washi tape! It is a game changer in my book. Before it got super popular I bought my washi tape from Cute Tape & Etsy. Now you can get it at Target, craft stores and office supply stores.

I had a few different things of gold washi tape lying around, so I used that and put a piece on the bottom of each glassine bag.Here is the back side of my bags....when doing yours, you'll need to keep in mind if your printing on yours to put the washi tape on the correct side of the bag. FYI..I tried printing and it kept smearing, I guess I don't have the correct kind of printer.

Step 3. Stuff Stuff Stuff!

I bought these  medium glassine bags from Cute Tape. My mom, sisters and I had little stuffing parties, adding a little of each kind in the bags.

Step 4. Labels

I designed the Avery labels on picmonkey, and then printed them off. I had to mess with the sizing of it for the circles. This part was a little frustrating, but after messing with the settings on my printer and consulting with an Avery customer service agent, I got the job done. Fold the bags over and place the sticker on the side with the washi tape showing.

Final product:

 Here are the pictures of our guests throwing confetti at us after we said "I DO"!

I don't regret adding the project at all. The pictures turned out awesome and the confetti landed on the dance floor...perfect way to start off our little celebration!

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