Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cake Pudding Pie

300 Recipes in 1 Year
Recipe # 39

This is not so much about the recipe as it is about the equipment. My sister in law first made this for me when I first moved to Oklahoma. We did it without the pudding, and they are so good!

But here is the equipment:

{It's not that clean because I snapped the pic in between batches...}
 Kort knew how much I loved when she made them so she gave me her wonderful Gram's old one. {Grams is no longer here with us, and I know she meant more than a lot to Kortny, and I'm so thankful for knowing her... she always made me feel welcome and was always trying to hook everyone up! Everyone needs a grandma like her in your life!} Needless to say I always think of Grams when I use my panini/omlet/goodness contraption! :)

On to the recipe....
Typically we just do yellow cake mix {my absolute FAVE!!} One box makes about 8. If you want, after the cake has cooled, make a slit in the top and fill it with your favorite pudding, I did cheesecake. I think I'm gonna try chocolate next time!

This is super easy and are perfect for much more than just cake!! 

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