Thursday, February 16, 2012

Red Velvet & Strawberry Cookies

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Recipe # 28 & 29

A few weeks ago we celebrated my friend Kevin's  25th birthday. Just for the record, this was his SECOND surprise party that I've been forced to attend! I wouldn't say he is the easiest person to surprise either. So, props to his wife and my very good friend Ashley for putting together an awesome 25 themed shindig! 

One of the really cute ideas she came up with was at every time the clock was on the "25" we would play a different game. Some that we played were.... Guess how many quarters were in a jar. A "Kevin-themed" mad libs. Guess what the #1 song was on every year of his birthday. And finally, Kevin had to guess who had told different memories or stories of him. It was a lot of fun and Ash made it very personable and entertaining! I hadn't laughed that hard in awhile! Plus he was that was a huge bonus! 

As guests she asked us to bring 25 of our favorite treat to share with everyone. I've had the ingredients for these cookies stashed away for awhile just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them, and Kevin's party was perfect!!

Strawberry Cookies

The delightful recipe can be found {HERE}.

I doubled the recipe, I just don't see the point of only using half the box. I did forgo to icing...just wasn't feeling it that day. Weird, I know!

Of the two cookies these were my faves. Which I was surprised, I really like white chocolate chips. But this recipe was amazing!! 

Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies were a little different story. I had high expectations for these guys...I really LOVE white chocolate chips!! I'm going to stand firm and say that I did something wrong. I just don't know what....They were a little bitter/salty :( Not horrible, but with the strawberry sitting just right there it was pretty easy to choose. The batter was dry and not what I was expecting. I'll try them again sometime and may alter how I do things. 

You can find the recipe {HERE}. In some of the comments people posted about them being dry also. But then some didn't. So maybe half of us out there need to add less flour :) haha....I WILL try these again and I'll for sure let you know what I changed and if it worked for me! 

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