Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pinterest Inspirations!!

Ok, if you are not on Pinterest, not only are you from a different planet but you will suffer from spontaneous combustion in about 5 minutes. This is THE BEST website on the face of the earth. I'm beyond addicted. Its what I do before I go to bed. Its what I do at red lights. Its what I do when watching unnecessarily lengthy shows {such as The Bachelor Pad}. I LIVE on this thing....and most importantly they have a {FREE} IPhone App!!! What I'm trying to say is, I LOVE IT!!

Basically what this {GIFT FROM GOD} is, is a website where you can post and/or view different ideas, fashion, home decor, crafts, wedding ideas, recipes, etc, etc, etc. You name it, they have it on there. Its endless. You like what you see? You just "RePin" it onto different boards, such as "Crafts", "Food Finds" or "My Future Wedding Day" on your page. You have an option to follow your friends {which is made extremely easy through the Facebook sign up option} and "tag" people in ideas you think they would like. This place is awesome! ANYWAYS......Its needless to say that I have about a billion different crafty things running though my head at all hours of the day. My first task at hand: Yarn Balls {for a lack of a better name...}!!!


                                                                   Awesome right? 


I saw these around mid-July and had the PERFECT time and place to try these out. My boyfriend's birthday/house warming party was this past weekend, and he lives, well, kind of in the middle of nowhere. Trees are everywhere, and completely line his driveway, as well as completely block off a view of his house from the main road. Its very romantic, {and perfect haunted house} looking :) OH the possibilities!!! Well, considering I go to his house on average of 3 times a week and constantly miss his non-descript driveway I figured I'd use the yarn balls to help our guests find their way! 

Here's what you'll need : 
Balloons {all sizes and shapes...the really big "punching" ones are fenominal looking!!}
Yarn or Twine 
Sponge Brush
Paper Plates
Wax Paper
Old Towels
Old T-Shirt {just to wear, sometimes glue is tricky to get out}

You will want to mix glue with water in the paper plate {I used a couple plates to avoid soaking through}. I never really used specific measurements, just kind of eyeballed it, but I'd say it would be 1 bottle of glue and 2-3 bottles of water {I just refilled the empty glue bottles with water}. 

On your table you will want to lay down a towel with wax paper over it, to keep from ruining your table. I used the wax paper over the towel because the balloons/glue wont stick to the wax paper. 

Blow up your balloon and dip your yarn into the plate of glue. I used the foam brush to get the glue all over the yarn. I put about 2 feet of yarn in the glue at a time. This was a later realization, as you can see below, I had 2 different methods to start. The "circular" design in the glue below didnt really work, because it would get tangled every time. 

It the "zig zag" design below worked fine, but it went by so slow because I wasn't getting much done at at time {and who has that kind of patience?} 

So, the method I liked was just to put it in, about 2 feet at a time and just use the brush to cover it with glue. You'll get a few tangles every once in awhile, but nothing too bad. 

Before you start to wrap it around, you'll want to squeeze the glue back onto the plate, but not bone dry or anything. If the yarn is too dry, it wont stick to the balloon, and after you pop it, it will "deflate", which sucks...and HAPPENS!! Ugh, all the hard work... :)

After you wrap it to your content {the more the better} slip the last part under and then go over the balloon with the foam brush. 

The first few were a little sparse, so I went back and added more yarn. 

Then you'll lay them out on a towel and wax paper {I learned the hard way that it stuck to the plastic in the pic above}. After a couple hours flip them because all the glue ends up at the bottom and it wont dry. 
After a day or so they will be dry and you can pop them! Some of mine deflated, and it was kind of sad, but when they turn out, it is so cool looking!

So, here they are hanging from the trees looking amazing!! Jake liked them too and helped me put them up in the trees, SO SWEET :) 

Well, there they are! I think these would be so cool at an outdoor wedding. I did one with twine and it was my fave!! Plus, the big punch balloons are so cool looking! Its a fun, cheap and crafty DIY to decorate for any event!! 

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