Saturday, January 29, 2011

My attempt at Sandie's Sweet Rolls!!

Look at me blogging two times in a row!! But I can't help it, I'M EXCITED!!!

While I was in Odessa a couple weeks ago Sandie had us over for dinner and for dessert she had sweet rolls, and they were amazing!! We were all going back for seconds (Julian :))!! So, since I've been a self claimed "cooking machine" lately I though I'd give it a go! So she emailed me the recipe, I read it over and all these foreign words started appearing like bread flour (I thought I had issues between white and wheat), kneading (which I had to look up on YouTube how to do) and the whole concept of "letting the dough rise" is something that I've heard of, but definitely never done! I was a process (a 3 1/2 hour one) of mixing, kneading, and waiting and waiting on this dang dough to rise!! 

I am definitely an amateur. For instance, in the recipe Sandie told me to melt butter and mix cinnamon and sugar. So, I melted the butter and tossed the C & S right on in. 

Wrong! Oops! So, when it came to dipping the strips of dough in the butter mix it was a little more difficult than the original recipe called for. In the end, they still taste very good, just a little extra "cinnamon-y". 

This is me KNEADING after having to look in a cook book for what exactly kneading meant, and then YouTubing it after still being unsure!

Measuring out the dough perfectly! I didn't want any little thing to screw this up!!

All split up!!

And....THE FINISHED PRODUCT!!! Sandie's Sweet Rolls: The Newest Addition to my cookbook!! 

These are officially a special occasion make ONLY!! Or maybe when I become more of a veteran baker. I will definitely think differently when I go to places like Logan's or Texas....could you imagine how much time it takes for these dang rolls to rise!! Holy cow.

Thanks Sandie for the recipe, oh and this little bit of advise was on my bread flour bag.....


Friday, January 28, 2011

Hey, MOM! Look at ME!!!

Well, my "unofficial" New Year's Resolution was to cook more often (by more often I of course mean cook in general...), and I must say I don't know WHAT I was thinking making all of these official resolutions my previous 22 years. I rock at the "unofficial" resolution biz!!

So far I've cooked about twice a week. First, it was Hungry Girl's "Queen-of-the-Castle Sliders, which is basically just a turkey burger (*note to self, Molly is not a fan of turkey meat). By the way, I highly recommend HG, she even has a show on the Cooking Channel (the GAC of the Food Channels). Then I just went for the classic Bertolli's, which I realize isn't full on cooking, but it's better than Whataburger! But we did add broccoli to it, and Molly tried to say she has never had broccoli before....struggle.

Any who... then I tackled taco soup. Might I add that I LOVE crock pots. They are (just for Kevin). It was wonderful though. I made it on the perfect day too, Hil and Mo were out of school due to snow and it was my day off. Plus we had a full house of guests. Everyone said it was good, except Hil said there was too much corn and Molly complained about the beans. Well, what can ya do?

Then tonight, I made baked ziti (well, penne, but who's checkin), salad and baked apples for dessert!! The girls liked it so that's a definite bonus! The ziti was a Weight Watchers recipe and baked apples was from All Recipe App on my phone. Baked apples is definitely one of my faves, but the recipe was not that healthy of one, so next time I'm gonna try to tweak it just a bit.

So, I'm basically a pro, I don't care what anyone says :) But what I have learned throughout this cooking adventure is that I'm pretty pumped to get married. Ya know, to have my own household, to where we are not having to split the bill every time we go grocery shopping or arguing over who has the post clean up duties, or the complaining really. (Not that I'm putting my future marriage above financial, chores or disliking each other's meals arguments).

Thanks for the encouragement with my cooking everyone and of course, THANK YOU for reading :)

Love ya'll,  MAL

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cookbook by ME

My newest project to date is I'm making a cookbook!! Those who know me will be shocked, because lets get real, I don't cook. I know, but I have been baking more lately now, especially that I unhinged (slightly over dramatic) the pumpkin roll recipe from my mother's hands. Plus for Christmas my mom got me 4 cook books and a lot of cooking supplies!! Including a KitchenAid mixer!!

So, with the holidays around I've been popping out pumpkin rolls like their hott!! But every time I go to make it, I've lost my copy of the recipe!! So, it got my reels turning and I'm going to create my own Cookbook. Nothing originally mine (..yet!), but just a cute scrapbook piece that I can keep adding to well into my life as a wife (someday) and a mother. 

I chose a simple scrapbook from H.Lobbs of course

Now being the person that I am, I will go all out with this thing, so I'm very excited about getting my scrapbook on!! After thinking it through a little I decided that I'm going to use Picnik to write and print out my recipes. The one I've got down so far is Banana Pudding

So, tell me what ya think!! Or if you'd like to help me add to my collection!! Thanks guys!!

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