Sunday, June 30, 2013

MMM....Bell Peppers!

Lately I have really been trying to eat healthy. With the wedding on the way Jake and I are trying to get into shape! One of my latest snack obsessions is bell peppers. I LOVE them! Grilled or raw. The only problem was I REALLY liked dipping them in ranch...which is a no go if you're trying to eat healthy. Well, in walks Pinterest with yet another fix to my problems!

Several months ago I pinned {THIS Faux Ranch Dip} onto my Healthy Choices board. I always had it in the back of my mind and finally decided to try it. 


Look at me in the eyes right now. 


All you need is 0% Greek Yogurt, Fat Free or 1% milk and a Ranch packet. I use Fat free milk always, so that's what I used. You take 1 cup of Greek yogurt, 1/2 (or a little less) cup of milk and a ranch packet. The amount of milk decides your consistency, so if you are wanting it for a dressing add a little more milk. 

I was really excited about this. I went through 3 bell peppers and 1 cucumber and still had half of it left! 

Another pin I found was {THIS Mini Pepper Nachos} one. I didn't follow everything she suggested, but it inspired me to make my own nacho creation! 

This is a pic of her nachos. I would have LOVED to show you a pic of mine...but we ate them too fast :) But trust me, I'll make them again soon. Maybe tomorrow. In which I'll post a pic :)

Here's what I did....

Bag of Mini Peppers (found in your produce section)
1lb ground beef
taco seasoning
1 can of Rotel
shredded cheese

1) Preheat oven to 350 Degrees
2) brown your meat, drain excess fat and follow Taco Seasoning packet directions
3) While meat is cooking, half all the peppers and take the seeds out
4) drain the Rotel, and add the can to the ground beef
5) On a baking sheet lay down foil and place peppers on it (press the peppers a little so they flatten)
6) fill each pepper with the meat filling and then top with cheese
7) slide them into the oven for about 8 minutes, until cheese is melted

Both the ranch and nachos were Molly approved...and we had a fun last night as roomies together. Little sis is moving out! 21. New job. New place. She is acting adult like and its weird :) 

I'm not going to lie....we definitely finished off the ranch and dipped our nachos in them. From now on I'm gonna make that stuff in bulk! 

Wedding craft blogs will come soon....we haven't done a ton yet...but soon! 


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