Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Take a picture and blog about it"

So, I finally made it to Odessa this past weekend! I had an amazing time with some great friends. Got my Rosa's fix and stayed up until 3am playing Phase 10, Chicken Foot and of course Old Maid. 

One of my particularly favorite moments was of course involved with my dad. As I am driving up to my house, right outside is a crosswalk sign. Well, some delinquent kid (lets hope) put a pad on the sign
(I had to edit it a bit because the picture was taken at night and you couldn't see it fully.)

Anyways, so I ask my dad about it and he starts to get very defensive, as if I actually put it up there. He told me "Why don't you take a picture and blog about it". Well, he knows me too well. Apparently it has been up there for 3 weeks. Hilarious. Just another one of my dad's moments. 

My mom has had a movie from netflix for over a month, It's Complicated. She has also been trying to get my dad to watch for just as long. So, finally he sat down to try and watch it with us. Except, every 10 minutes he would say "Gosh, Polly, this movie is ssoooo funny! I'm so glad you made me sit down and watch this." It was ridiculous. Such a ware down!! Haha, another fine moment for my family.

I of course got to see a couple of my great friends! 
This is Julian; my handsome photographer friend. He is probably the kindest person you will ever meet and he always smells amazing :) Anytime I am in Odessa he is always there to be a Spades partner and/or get yelled at by my mom :)

This is Christi!! She's amazing. Enough said :) She always makes me laugh with all the new things she is doing, like reading :) or what new sport she has thoroughly researched and now has a new favorite team. 

And this cutie is Ella!! Daughter of Gage and Jennifer. She is such a sweet girl and you know she is going to be a diva!! Every time she cries her voice is already so feminine and she is only 2 months old!! She is just precious! 

So, another successful trip to Odessa, enjoying wonderful friends, my family, surprisingly good shopping and of course Rosa's!! There ya go Sandie, a blog not about Zoe at all!! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

OU Student Section

I know that probably every true fan thinks this of their stadium, but I truly feel that every visiting team who comes to Owen Field should see and hear what our Oklahoma tradition is about. It is the true experience of going to the football game that makes it that much more special. I'm not just referring to OU's stadium (even though I must say that we have GLORIOUS traditions) but I love going to away games also. I like to see what other teams do to get pumped up and to see how their fans are. Not necessarily when a group of people are yelling "overrated" or from experience, when a certain other Big 12 school that is located about 6 hours south of Norman and whose colors are red, black and white, was shouting at one of our players for being a "pussy" for getting hurt (a very disgusting word, I agree). Not that I'm saying that we don't have some tacky fans as well, we all do. Anyways, I'm not trying to get off onto a tangent. But I am talking about when Oklahoma gets to raise our pointer fingers yelling during all kick-offs; or being able to be as loud as possible (OU vs Tech '08 anybody?) while we are on defence. Like when the Seminoles do their iconic "Tomahawks" or Texas' "Big Bertha" Drum and of course the Aggie's famous student section. I know that there are a million more and I think, in respect, they are all great traditions. Of course I'm biased and Oklahoma's are the best :) But some of my favorite's from OU are... (in no order)
1. There's Only ONE video
2. Sooner Schooner
3. Home of the "SOONERS"
4. "Boomer" "Sooner" across the stadium
5. "OOOO" during kick offs
6. Our Fight Song and Alma Mater
7. Oklahoma flag
8. Drum major's entrance (including the drum line and The Pride)
9. Team Entrance (including the team hitting the sign and exiting the schooner)

Anyways, those are a few of my favorites and I'll include a couple of my pics, because I know you love them, by you I mean my 19 viewers!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Zoe

ZOE IS GOOONNNNNEEEEEE :( Mo, Hil and I are extremely sad!! It was a good two weeks, and Kortny said we could watch her again soon. She was just such a good sleeping buddy! Before she left however, I got a video of her "sit and spin" and A LOT MORE pictures! So.....ENJOY!!!

I think these are pretty funny pics/videos. I constantly kept my phone with me becasue she would do the spin thing so quickly and be done before I could do anything about it. So, these are the best ones that I got. Sandie, I heard you were hating on my blogs about Zoe, so luckily for you, this is the last for awhile (or until the next time we keep her).

I'll be blogging and posting pics about Carrie Underwood concert and SYTYCD Tour soon!! Thanks for Keeping Up With The Kardash.....uh, ME!!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Editing

One of my newest favorite hobby is editing pictures. I use as my editing tool. I easily spend 4 days a week for at least an hour at a time editing pictures. Some of my favorite ones are of my trip to Haiti back in 2009.
This is little Adne. He was easily my favorite little one from the orphanage we were at( At the time he was 8 years old, but is the size of a 3 year old!! He is a pretty cute kid and has a very infectious laugh too!

This was a boat that was on a beach we were at one day. When I visited Haiti, I found a new love for the country, and it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I have many more pictures on my facebook also if you would like to see!

I also love editing me and my sisters!! Ya know, a little touch up here and there never hurt anybody!! I urge you to try it!! You can give any picture a fresh new look. Here are a couple more of my favorites....

Thanks for reading!! Boomer Sooner :)

Pimp My Blog

Welp, Take 2 on blogging. I've always told myself that the prettier the outside of my journal is, the more enticed I would be to write in it. Sound good? Well, lets just say I haven't written in it since my mission trip to Haiti in 2009.

So, needless to say, I'm into pretty things and therefore my blog should reflect that. Hopefully I'll be a little more dedicated than last time!!

Anyways...We have been dog sitting the cutest Niece-Dog ever!! ZOE!!
She is the best little buller ever!! She just follows us around the house, lays down and then gets back up as we go into the next room.
She cuddles with me at night, and even snores!!
She helped us cheer on the SOONERS to a victory against UT.

She makes us laugh all of the time because she is usually sticking her tongue out. It is SO goofy looking!!

Zoe is absolutely the easiest dog to take care of, and we LOVE HER!! One of our favorite things she does is when her booty itches she will sit in one spot and just scoot in a circle, while sticking her head up and licking the air. It is so funny, I have yet to get it on camera, but I'm doing my best.

Well, thanks for tuning in! More to come soon (fingers crossed!)

XOXO...Gossip Girl (I couldn't resist!! It is Monday after all!)

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