Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Groomsmen Gifts

Oh, man....men giving men gifts. Could life be more awkward?

When time came for us to start putting ideas in the hat about what to give our groomsmen, we were coming up with nothing! We both really wanted something out of the norm for groomsmen gifts.

Back in the deep pockets of my mind I had remembered seeing this pin on Pinterest of a couple who gave their groomsmen their own bobbleheads. 

I thought it was absolutely hilarious but just knew Jake would think it was dumb...so with zero confidence I casually mentioned the idea and he totally surprised me. He LOVED the idea. Score!

So, after a lot of research between different websites, prices, shipping times, etc we chose to order our bobble heads from Likenessme. They offered a coupon at the time as well, so that sealed the deal even more! Wonderful website and customer service. A little bit of a language barrier, but nothing major. I would totally order from them again!

Once we chose the body for each of our guys, it came time for the most difficult part...getting pictures of 5 guys, some of them more stubborn than others (Kevin..) and a squirmy 4 year old without letting them on to what our gift was going to be. Every submission needed a left and right profile and a close up of their face. After we had gotten the guy's pictures taken care of, you had to submit the pictures and choose different features you wanted (eye color, skin color, glasses, did you want the head to "bobble"...um YES!). This was seriously time consuming...but so worth it!

When Jake & I got them in the mail it was like we were kids on Christmas morning. We would guess who was in each box before we opened and squeal if we were right. When it came time to give the gifts I think we were just as nervous! They turned out to be such a big hit, and just seeing the look on the guy's faces was so worth it!!

Here is Jake with all of the guys and Bryson!

Kevin. Best Man. Hunter.

Julian. Groomsman. Photographer.

Brandon. Groomsman. Musician. (I don't have one of his up close)

Joseph. Groomsman. Firefighter.

Paul. Groomsman. Soccer player.

Bryson. Ring Bearer. Professional Cutie.

We are so lucky that these are just some of the awesome guys in our lives! Thanks to Julian for most of these pictures!


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