Saturday, July 23, 2011

Newest Letters!!

Here are the most recent letters I am selling at True Treasures!!! Sorry for the lack of "good" pics....I was running out of time to get someone to take them professionally.

Antiquing Girl's Weekend!!

This past weekend I went to Arkansas to visit True Treasures with my friends Ashley and Laura. We stayed at Ashley's Grandma's Dairy Farm! Cows were everywhere!! :) It was a lot of fun. Between antiquing and going to the safari we had a wonderful girl's weekend!! Here's a few pics of the weekend.....

These are the picture frames, window and mirror I got. I am beyond excited about all the big plans I have for them!! Check out the awesome detail on the blue one!!

This is my new "work/craft" chair. I have plans to revamp it....paint the wood, and reupholster it....which I have NEVER attempted!! But, my friend Lindsey did it and blogged about it {Diffendwelling} and therefore, I wanted to take the challenge also!! So, I will be hunting for the most FABULOUS fabrics!! Can't wait! 

So, we drove in Ashley's SUV and I realized I drove my mustang to her apartment. OBVIOUSLY none of these things would fit, so I had to have Jake come and haul it off for me.... I know that I am my mother's daughter because I was scared about his reaction, and did not divulge FULLY what all I had bought.... So we thought it would be funny if Jake showed up to how I am in the picture. Haha, it was pretty funny, Ash and Laura especially enjoyed it :)

Before we came home on Sunday, we went on a SAFARI (yes, in Arkansas!) It was really cool how all of the animals just walked right up to the car! FEARLESS!! It was a lot of fun. And who knew that every animal likes bread. :)
Jake told me that these deer were native to Florida, and keep their spots. Yup, I'm dating that guy... We are SSOOO different!! :)

The white buffalo were so Fluffy and cute!! I'm adding it to the list of things I want to hug (bears are really the only other far!)

I accidentally scared this guy :( But then I won him back with some bread! Zebras are awesome!

OK, I absolutely LOVE pigs! I think they are adorable!! This were such cute little piglets. I WILL own one someday, and it will be awesome! These guys were hanging around the buffalo and {longhorn /m\} 

Then we got to play with the monkeys! They adored Laura. This one kept crawling through her shirt and at one point DEFINITELY popped her bra!!!

Me with a piggy!!

With Ash's favorite!! KANGAROOS!!

Antiquing AND seeing cute little animals: AWESOME girl's weekend!! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tour a La North East

So, as you MAY have seen on my Facebook (mostly me bragging)...I just recently got back from a Tour a la North East!! It was a fast. It was awesome. It was hot. It was a blast. It was D, all of the above, etc etc. Right now I am editing the pictures of the trip. {ALL 800 of them....that's 80 pictures a day!} And A LOT of editing!! It will take me weeks! Not to mention that I then would like to scrapbook them! Whew, I've got the rest of 2011 set out for me!! 

Well, I've done about 100 pictures so far and absolutely could not leave you hanging!! I won't share them all {yet} but just wanted to share with you some of my favorites. One thing I am learning is that I really like to edit buildings. I'm doing my DC ones now, and the architecture was absolutely B-E-A-Utiful!! SO.....Here are some of my faves so far....

{As I was picking these....I originally was thinking around 5....and here are 20..... :) }

This is our view from Buddy's Crabs and Ribs in Annapolis. They had a wonderful breakfast buffet and an even better view!!

View of the Jefferson Memorial from the Lincoln Memorial

This is a picture of the St. Johns College campus

This is the view Duff and Charm City Cakes have everyday!

The Capitol!

Washington Monument

Jefferson Memorial

View of downtown DC from the Lincoln Memorial

{ME} at the Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument and Potomac River

Iwo Jima Memorial

Keith was particularly proud of this pic :)

The ceiling above the Lincoln Memorial was stunning!

"The City of Trees" DC is an absolutely beautiful place! This was taken outside of The National Archives Building

Washington Monument

Capitol!! The 2 flags raised means they are in session!!

Welp, so far that's it!!! I can't wait to take all these beautiful pics and scrapbook the crap out of them :) 

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