Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pursue: A Holiday Workshop (Part II)

A few months ago I shared with you about how much fun I had at Pursue's Holiday Workshop. Well, earlier this week all of those fun memories came flooding right back when I received the professional pictures Holli B had taken during the event. YEAH! My favorite, favorite picture is one Holli took of me and Brandi, my sweet - 'bout to be married - creative - great cookin' - friend!

Before I share with you some of the honorable mention photos (I'll try not to share all 100+)....let me roll call all of the amazing people that made Pursue: A Holiday Workshop happen!

Photography: Holli B Photography
Hosts: Owners of PursueMolly & Kylie
Food & Drink: Salt & Smoke

Such a great afternoon! Which reminds me....I need to get to work on my 1 hour of calligraphy this week! Happy Sunday! 

1 comment:

Kallie Ybarra said...

This is amazing!! This mama needs an amazing afternoon like this! So jealous!

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