Sunday, March 15, 2015

28 While 28 #26 - Move My Blog to a .COM

26. Move My Blog to a .COM. Guys...It is 2 days til my birthday, and we are coming to a close on my 28 while 28 list!

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I have wanted to move my blog to a .COM for a few months now. But of course, my indecision has left me crippled in the same place I started (5 years ago). I get stuck on whether I should go with Wordpress or Squarespace. I can't decide if Home Stew is the name I want to go forward with, and so much more. I've read many other blogger's opinions on what they feel is the best site to go with. Truth of the matter is, I need to just make a decision! I'm not going to get much done in life (or on here) if I go around second guessing everything I do.

I feel like this would be a good time to share with you the reasons I blog:

I take joy in any and all things creative. 

Whether it is something that I have created and want to share with you, or if it's sharing other's creativity; I need an outlet to share it. I suck at writing/grammar. My photography is a strugg (hopefully not forever) and I have a tendency to second guess mentioned multiple times before! Despite these things, I like to make people laugh, and share a small chunk of my world with those of you who take the time to read. I am constantly thinking about about my blog - how I can better myself for it, how it can better others and the purpose it serves. Quite frankly, I think I would be bored without it!

I think over the next year I will try not to take myself too seriously and just enjoy the community that I've been surrounded with the past 5 years.

With all that being said, does anyone have a preference for the two host sites mentioned above; or any advice on making the big move?

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Kallie Ybarra said...

I'm trying to do the same thing. From what I've gathered...Wordpress seems to be the most blogger friendly and bluehost seems to be the best web hosting for bloggers...ugh...but soo pricey! One day. You can also go to GoDaddy and purchase the domain and have it linked to your current blogger blog...that way you can still be a .com while you decide what host you want to go with.

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