Thursday, March 5, 2015

28 While 28 #16 - Finish Our Master Bedroom

16. Finish Our Master Bedroom.
Let me start this off with stating that I am a terrible decision maker! I recognize (and grateful) that I am a creative person, and I have a lot of ideas flowing freely on how to decorate my home. I just can't decide on any one thing; and if I do decide I second guess myself til I'm blue in the face. Recently I had the realization of "WHO CARES" how I decorate my home. Seriously, I have some friends, family and occasional random reader who will enjoy what I do, or at least be glad I did something whether it's their taste or not. But I'm not on HGTV, or designing for anyone specifically except for myself. Even my husband will say "Do you like it? Because if you like it then I like it." He says it every single time. The only time he would input his opinion was if it altered the direction his chair facing the TV. So seriously...who cares! If I don't like something, I can always change it, right?

I purposely put a few "decoration" goals on my 28x28 so that I have myself on a deadline. Now, when I say decorate, or finish, I don't mean it's finished. I ain't got the time or money for that. I believe that a home is never finished being decorated. So, what I mean is that I need to make some decisions and stick with them.  Do you know how long I fretted over the paint colors? And I'm still not 100% sure I made the right decision.

Here is our current bedroom situation, painted navy and beige:


Here is what I would like to have done by March 17, 2016:
1. Paint gold dots on the navy wall (a la this wallpaper).
Organic dot wallpaper in navy and gold || Juju Papers Wallpaper 

2. Pick out curtains (I'm undecided on the current ones hanging!)
3. Finish DIYing the side tables
4. Fix up/organize my makeup station
5. Get the laundry UNDER CONTROL! (Meaning no more throwing laundry on our "catch all" chair)
6. Get some decorations up!! We have been in this house for a little over a year and I just recently added that floor length mirror (Homegoods). We need some stuff on the walls! 
7. Rug

*I should mention that ONE DAY we'll get new flooring in the bedrooms, but for now we'll have to deal with that sweet maroon carpet we're rocking. 
**These pictures are slightly embarrassing to show you. I'm not naturally organized/tighty. But just wait til you see the closet! 

I'll leave you with some of my bedroom inspirations....


master bedroom idea - pretty sure I already have the chandelier! Now I just need to make the rest look this good :)Room Tour: Our Bedroom - Lesley W Graham

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