Wednesday, March 11, 2015

28 While 28 #22 - Organize Our Master Closet

22. Organize Our Master Closet. Another struggle in my life. You know it's an issue when your co-workers ask if an outfit is new...and it's just from the "bottom of the disastrous closet" pile. That is our current situation. Fortunately, we have a pretty decent sized room isn't really an issue. It will just be a matter of keeping up the organization once I get it to that point. I'm kind of embarrassed to put our issues on front street like this....but hey....this is the only way I can be held accountable!

UGH! Cringe. Obviously we have too much sh* it will be nice to cleanse ourselves of junk in the process. WELP, there ya have it....probably one of the most embarrassing posts yet (except for some of the earlier ones....those are struggs as well)! :)

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