Sunday, March 8, 2015

28 While 28 #19 - Organize My Office

19. Organize My Office

For the past year our office has been many things. First, a place to store wedding gifts > my clothes when I first moved in > room of random furniture > boxes and boxes of Zoe Lane stuff when I quit selling > to my junky craft room and so on.

I've already started the process of getting this room ready to go. First, I did a MAJOR deep clean. I threw away A LOT and got it fairly organized. Then I ruined that by pushing everything in to the middle of the room so I could go from the lovely shade of pink to a crisp white.



Here is what I would like to get accomplished in my office over the next year*:
1. Shelving
2. Paint the two doors (I'm thinking this, thanks for the idea Leslie!)
3. Organize, organize, organize!
4. Stenciled accent wall
5. Rug
6. Curtains
7. Chair

*Like I mentioned in my Master Bedroom Update, I see that shockingly hideous maroon carpet. Realistically, our budget doesn't allow us to get new flooring quite yet. So for now we go for really big rugs! 

Here are a few of my office inspirations:

 Grey + white office

Deluxemodern Design Studio
Camille Styles' tidy, chic office. #modernfurniture #modernoffice #pinkoffice 

 amazing desk

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