Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pursue: A Holiday Workshop

Oh man oh man oh man. You guys know how much I enjoy workshops. Some (my husband) say that I'm obsessed, and some (my husband) say that I spend too much money on them. I can't help it!
Back in December, my friend Brandi and I attended Pursue: A Holiday Workshop. We got to dabble in some brush lettering taught by our friend Molly and play florist with the oh so beautiful blooms Kelly of Poppy Lane Designs brought for us to play with! All the while Chris Castro was busy making us some hand crafted cocktails and homemade, dreamy focaccia bread. Plus it was at Plenty Mercantile in Midtown, which is a great local shop! Seriously, one of my faves!

Not only are these workshops just a creative blast, but you are surrounded by other creatives (both professional and hobbiest) people who are geeking out right beside you. No funny glances when you are standing on a chair trying to get the perfect shot. No judgment when you are arranging and rearranging your setting so that it is camera ready. You set at a table with a few strangers and you get to chatting, becoming friends with others who share your love of the perfect Instagram post.
Ya'll.... Its just so much fun! Here are a few pics from my camera, but let me forewarn you- THE Holli B was there taking some (too) legit (to quit) pictures of her own that I'll share with you guys later. 


 If you have ever taken a calligraphy class and have been wondering about switching lanes to brush calligraphy, I say DO IT! I love brush calligraphy just a teensy bit more than ink calligraphy. Forgiving would be the best way to describe the difference. I officially went for it and addressed my Christmas cards...Check 'em out!

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