Friday, March 13, 2015

28 While 28 #24 - Send 3 Care Packages

24. Send 3 Care Packages. I think it would be fun to gather a few of my favorite things and send them to people. Not for a birthday gift or anything, but a friendly just because! I haven't decided yet who will be the recipients, maybe a friend who has had a bad week, or a complete stranger. We'll see!

Maybe something along the lines of this one, by You Are My Fave.

an easter basket for grown-ups (most likely of the lady variety).

1 comment:

Kallie Ybarra said...

I know I know...I'm stalking your I love this! I know a million people who would LOVE something like this. In the harsh and selfish world we live in today such acts of kindnesss are rare and mean so much! Kuddos to you for thinking of this!

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