Saturday, March 14, 2015

28 While 28 #25. - Limit TV Time

25. Limit TV Time. Jake and I are TV addicts. I thought about listing all the shows we watch on here, but it would be easier to just give you a TV guide. WE WATCH A LOT OF TV! This one is going to be a challenge for us (yes, us....any of these that are hard, I'm making Jake do it with me!). We've needed to do this for will give us more time to do stuff around the house, work out, play with Dixie, hang with friends, etc.

I've already started cutting back a bit....mainly on my talk shows. It used to be Fallon, Meyers, DeGeneres and Kimmel. Now, it's just Fallon. 

We are going to make special exceptions for OU football games, occasional Thunder or NFL games, and occasional awards show. 

So, our magical # is 15 hours a week. Don't laugh if that is a lot for you....this will be a struggle for us! 

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