Monday, March 9, 2015

28 While 28 #20 - Complete Our Dave Ramsey Budget

20. Complete Our Dave Ramsey Budget

A year ago Jake and I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace course. It was a great class and it got us really talking about our finances and getting us on the same page. BUT we haven't really been putting it to practice. For some reason money is a really sensitive subject for me. It makes me freeze up anytime it is brought up. I even get flustered when it comes to tipping a waiter. It's ridiculous, I'm an adult...but every single time we have tried to sit down and work on our budget, I bust in to tears. Not because I'm being told that my decorating budget is out of control or that I shop online too often (although, it is, and I do...). It just starts giving me a headache anytime we start crunching numbers. Well, that needs to change. So this year we have to master our budget! Please send me good vibes on this....even typing this I'm dreading our inevitable sit down.

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