Saturday, February 28, 2015

28 While 28 #11 - Practice Calligraphy for 1 Hour a Week

11. Practice Calligraphy for 1 Hour a Week. By calligraphy, I mean hand lettering, brush lettering, etc. You know those 2 classes I've taken (here and here)? Well, I need to be putting them to use! I will be scheduling in 1 hour a week/52 weeks for practicing. If you saw my #9 post (completing a Bible study) I talked a little about Bible journaling. I may have already ordered a new Bible and bought twistable colored pencils. I'm pretty pumped to be adding this to my 1 hour a week! Maybe it will entice me to have more quiet time as well :) I hope all the upcoming practice will give me more confidence in my lettering...because I have a project planned for our master bedroom and I'll need all the confidence I can muster!

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