Tuesday, March 17, 2015

28 While 28 #28 - Back to School!

28. Back to School! It's my birthday, y'all!

So, I hope that you guys have enjoyed my little blogging spree as much as I have...and I hope it wasn't too much of a social media beat down for you either! :) 

When I entered into 2015, school was not on my mind in the slightest, but God's timing is His own....and why would I complain about that? In Mid-January, the thought started flickering in the back of my mind after chatting with two friends who were thinking about going back to school themselves. Then I did some minor research of my own...that turned into a lot of research and then all of the sudden I had an appointment with an academic councilor. 

I'm planning on getting a degree in Digital  Media Design. Let me tell you all of the feelings I have: excitement, fear, nerves, fear, happy, fear, doubt, fear....you name it....I'm feeling it. Plus fear, lots of fear! 

So, I feel pretty crazy for setting myself up to do this long list of things AND go back to school (which once upon a time did not go so well for Mallory), on top of what I already thought was a busy life.

Starting this summer, I'll begin a new chapter in my life! Thanks in advance for your encouragement in my journey, and I'll keep you updated on my 28 while 28 challenge! 

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