Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wedding Vendor: The Cake

When it came time for us to choose a wedding cake, it was a no brainer for any of us! Nothing Bundt Cakes had me from the start. When we first tried them at a bridal fair, we were circling around to get seconds and thirds! I know and realize that they may be similar to the cupcake and a wedding fad of the moment, but in my opinion:

taste > looks

All day, err'day. I'm a fan of cake, but I won't waste my time (or calories for that matter) on a piece of cake if it's not good, regardless how great the fondant makes it look! When I'm with my family we always have to ask and see if the cake is worth it before we all go and get some.

Listen, I get it...if your budget would be so hard to pass this up: 


IF I were to choose an a traditional cake I would go with something like this: 


I had a very similar cake at my Odessa shower from L'Oven. It was amazing and looked great with regular frosting. 
Here are a few more pictures of our cakes from the wedding: 

If you haven't had NBC yet, you need to! Seriously the best cake I've ever had!

I'll do a tutorial on the cake toppers soon!

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