Monday, April 28, 2014

Mutt's Amazing Hot Dogs - Aprils New Restaurant

Last week I told you guys about my Intentions for this year, and one of them was for Jake and I to go out and try a new (to us) restaurant every month with friends. This month we went with our great friends, John & Katie and their adorable bebe Adeline, to Mutt's Amazing Hot Dogs.

It's located on (the uprising) 23rd St in OKC.

Food was delicious. I ordered the Club Dog, following the advice of Katie.... to get anything with the Pink sauce on it. Take my it! Pink sauce was the bomb! We also ordered fried pickles and french fries fried in duck fat. Sounds weird, but again...I don't question things that taste great. They reminded me of one of my fave burger places in Vegas: I Love Burgers's Parmesan Fries.

Pictures from our wedding with John (one of the best Instas from the wedding) and my bridesmaid Katie! Seriously LOVE these guys!

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