Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Faves: Week 4

Happy Friday!!

I woke up today feeling a little like this:

I'm super excited for the weekend. Can I get an Amen??

This pic brings me to number one of my Friday Faves!

1. Will & Grace

It is my absolute favorite show. It's what I fall asleep to every night. I quote it frequently. I compare daily situations to those on the show. I have every season. I actually have two of Season 1 because I lost a disc. (BTW- I think it would be a BRILLIANT idea if there were a company out there who just replace single discs of television shows.....or maybe I should just stop losing mine.)

2. Neon


Neon is so popular right now! My 8th grade self (who used 6 different colored neon highlighters to take notes) is squealing right now! Don't go painting a wall or anything...or do, more power to ya! But just think, a small neon piece on your bookshelf, a print in your gallery wall, a hair accessory or your next party theme! Neon all the way!


SMP Living

3. Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip

I got the recipe here and I have been in love ever since. My favorite thing to dip in is yellow bell peppers. It's my go to snack these days! Next time I make it, I'm going to make my own ranch seasoning vs buying the pack. But it's delicious and I honestly like it better than regular ranch.

4. Target Does It Again

If you are not following them, get on it...STAT! I follow Jen & Laura on Instagram as they take on the very best of Target. They don't discriminate....follow them on your favorite social media: Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook.

I've noticed a lot lately how Target is teaming up with small businesses and designers/bloggers to create new products and I love it all! I'm eagerly awaiting Emily Henderson's line!

5. Knot & Bow Etsy Shop

Looking for some Neon (or just any) stationary/craft/party essentials? Knot & Bow is your shop! I have a smile on my face as I scroll through their wonderfully colorful pages!

Guys, that's a wrap up for Week 4 of my Friday Faves! Catch ya next time!


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