Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Being Intentional, to aim or plan. I think this year so far has been full of intention. I would say it is one of my many unwritten goals of the year. My intention for this year is to spend more time with friends, plan and throw more parties, deepen my spiritual growth, blog more, go on trips with my hubby, take classes and workshops to deepen my creative knowledge and then to aim that creativity toward something worthwhile

Jake and I have decided that once a month we are going to try a new restaurant. It can be anywhere, so out of town counts. We rarely eat out when it's just the two of us, we both really enjoy cooking (Luckily!) so we just tend to stay home a lot. So when we go to the new restaurants, we will do so with friends.

{I'll try to keep track of the different ways we are being intentional over the year and write more on the subject!}

We started in March when we went to Dallas. We met up with our friends Jordan & Cody, Keith and Julian. We actually knocked two new restaurants off the list while there! We went to Twisted Root Burger Co and The Rusty Taco. Both were good food with fun atmospheres.

Here are a few pics from the weekend, the good ones courtesy of Julian Mancha Photography, of course!

I felt like this sums up a lot of people!

We went the the Dallas Museum of Art where Julian, Hil and I tested our drawing skills

Jordan and Keith dueled over who is better friends with me :) 

And just had a fun weekend with some of our Texas friends!

BTW Cody and Jake were here...just never pictured :)

How are you being intentional with your year? I'd LOVE to hear!

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