Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Faves: Week 7

I kind of like the idea of themes for my Friday kind of makes me feel a little less scatter brained.... This week I've got my sister's graduation party on my mind, so with that in mind this week's theme is PARTIES: the inspired, the needs, necessities, wants and trending.

1. Pinatas

They don't even have to be beaten up afterwards (make sure you supply candy for those who are upset that you would want to keep such a pretty cardboard box!). 

Whether you buy them from cute shops like Kaite K Franklin

Or from Prospect Goods

Or you can go the DIY route like Studio DIY and make your own donut pinata

Tutorial can be found here. She does not limit herself to donuts though, she has a ton of different shaped pinatas, from traditional to tacos!

2. Fun Party Foods

Doing a themed "food bar" does not have to break the bank! Donuts, baked potato, popcorn, ice cream floats, cereal and taco bars are among the ones that I've seen. It doesn't take much more effort to make a cute sign and label each ingredient or condiment and putting them in matching bowls or plates!

3. Drink Stirrers

These are super easy! They will dress up any party and are really simple and cheap to DIY or buy!

 DIY by Martha Stewart

Buy from Pelemele

DIY from Confetti Pop

4. Pretty Drinks!

An open bar, or buying cokes for everyone can get pricey as well (plus you need to put all those drink stirrers in SOMETHING!!). I think offering Punch and water is all you really need, maybe some beer. One huge suggestion is to invest (or register!) in some awesome drink dispensers. Places like Ross or Homegoods have them for reasonable prices ALL THE TIME. Isn't it annoying always having to borrow one?

Here are a few drink recipes I look forward to trying:

 Alcoholic: Strawberry Lemonade Sangria

Non-alcoholic: Strawberry Vanilla Lemonade

Or you can try My Fruity Fresca Sangria Recipe

5. Backdrops

OK, as an avid Pinterester, It is REALLY hard not to compare your party (and what you visualize in your head) to those professional ones you see all over our pinterest boards. Here is my trick: have ONE focal area in the backyard, house, or venue. Put up a really cute/cheap/easy/DIY backdrop (I've got TONS on this pinterest board). Have it be your background for pictures, photobooth, the food table, speeches, etc. Get your grandma's buffet table to use as your dessert/food table. You don't have to have your entire place decked out. Ain't nobody got time for that! Here are a few of my favorite examples:

 Wedding Chicks

 Design Love Fest

Welp, that a wrap for this week!! Hope your planning a fun party soon! Happy Weekend!!

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