Monday, April 28, 2014

Knobs from Homegoods

So I made a recent discovery that I felt I had to share! Homegoods has knobs. Not that big of a shock, I realize. They keep them by the check out (you know, the aisle of last minute grabs, where I'm sure they make most if their profit) in a pack of 4 for $7.99. I bought some Mercury ones that were compatible with some I've bought from Hobby Lobby for $5.00 each (or $2.50 when they're on sale). 

From Homegoods

From Hobby Lobby

The are so similar! If you do the math (without tax) the Homegoods knobs are 50 cents cheaper per knob! 

Here it is on our buffet. (Please ignore any and all cords!) 

You may recognize this table from our wedding pictures: it was our cake table! 

Hope you guys have a happy Thursday! It's my Friday, since we are headed out to Austin tomorrow morning! Woohoo!! 

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