Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our Proposal Story

I thought that I would share our Proposal story from a his and her perspective. Still such a fun memory!! 
Jake had asked me for a date night earlier in the week, so I expected to go to dinner and go to a movie. I knew we were going out so I dressed up more than I usually would for a day of work. It had kind of been a long day, so I had texted him that I kind of just wanted to lay low that night and just rent a movie instead. He said of course (Lie #1) and that it wouldn't be a problem. 

Jake picked me up at 7 and said that before we head to dinner, we had to go by Hastings and pick up a birthday card for a cousin for his mom. (BIG Lie and even BIGGER Red Flag) First, Jake would have never ever agreed to do that. Second, who on EARTH buys cards from Hastings?? I worked at Hastings once upon a time and I didn't even remember that they had them....I should of known! 
We walk into Hastings (I first asked if I had to go in, and he said 'yes' because I had to approve of the card). We go in and he walks me straight to the magazines, (my ususal domain while he is looking for his usual thing) and he tells me to 'Just look at the magazines while I pick out a card'. He all but parked me in front of the wedding mags. 

Now, Jake and I have been dating for 4 years at this point. Us getting married is not a surprise to me, so lets just say that I have already been planning, and in fact had put a deposit on our venue and our photog. My point is, I had already read all of the wedding mags there. So, I skipped right on over to my other love....design mags! I start looking at one and I peek over my shoulder and Jake is headed over to have me approve of a card. I see the card and it had a Boxer on it, (Side note: Jake and I are OBSESSED with English Bulldogs, so whenever there are bullies on cards, that's what we get for each other, no matter what it says....I once got him one saying Happy Birthday Grandpa!) and I said 'Cool, its a Boxer...not as cool as a Bully, but whatever. Who cares anyways, its a card for someone you don't even know!' Jake said 'Ok, this one works then, I'm going to get a few of them, because they look cool. 

At this point Mal is killing me! I had Julian, our friend and photographer there to capture the moment and she was doing everything but cooperating. She had skipped right over the book I had laid out for her. 

He was acting super weird at this point. After he left me, I continued reading for a minute and looked over my shoulder again and he was staring at me. Yup, just staring at me, from one row over and about 10 feet away. Super creepy ;) 

I just didn't know what else to do. Julian was circling us trying not to get caught and two people (as you can see in some of the pictures) kept getting into my kneeling room. My only option was to stare at her and send her brain waves to turn around and look up!

From that moment on was kind of a blur. For some reason I turned behind me and noticed a scrapbook with a picture of Jake and me on the cover. I now know exactly what is going on. My face is red, blood is pumping and my mind is racing. I pick up the book and I remember saying, 'I'm going to have to read it later...I can't process this right now!' I turn to the last page and it said "Mal, Will you marry me?" I turn around and Jake is on one knee behind me!!

I don't even know what I said. I just thought I was going to pass out! I had only practiced getting on one knee in other pants and the ones I was wearing were constricting my blood flow. 

Again, my processing skills were not at their strongest. I (being the smart ass that I am), say 'no', laugh a little and then say, Yes, Of Course!! Then I picked up the beautiful ring that I had been waiting so so so long for and slipped it on my finger. Then I said 'Oops, I think you were supposed to do that part!!' and Jake slipped it on the rest of the way. We hug, kiss and Hastings is now turning in circles around us! 

I know Mal, and knew she would be difficult in some way or another. But it wouldn't have been us if one of us wasn't being sarcastic at some point. 

Then all of the sudden I see our bestest and greatest friend and photographer JULIAN!! We LOVE Julian!! He had been taking pictures the entire time! 

Julian had come in the night before and I had actually been hanging out with him all day.(Lie #3....he told me he went hunting and then worked the rest of the day.)

We then leave and Jake tells me that our family (Lie #4) is waiting to celebrate with us at Sooner Legends. Yeah!! I run into the room and I shout out "I'm ENGAGED"!!!! Then, I notice not just our family, but 40 of our closest friends!! I was so I excited I was shaking! I couldn't get words out! Haha, that is rare! 

I knew Mal would want everyone there to celebrate. So I rented out a room and had Sooner Legends cater. At the end of the day, it turned out perfectly. Thank you everyone who helped with setting the day up!

It was the perfect night and Jake was absolutely perfect! Jake knew exactly what I would of liked for our special night and made it happen. I'm beyond lucky to have him in my life, and he knows I like a good party!

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