Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Faves: Week 2

Welcome to the second installment of My Friday Faves, a weekly list of nouns that I'm currently all about.

1. Dry Shampoo

Ok, you doubters...I am not exaggerating when I say that I have the finest and most oily hair of all the land. It sucks....but I'll accept my crown because I can blow dry my hair in about 2 minutes, and for all of you lucky ones with beautiful hair, can not! Although I was dealt the short end of the stick in the hair department, I will not be bullied into washing my hair every single day.

I seriously can't live without the stuff. Even if I do wash my hair, I still use it the same day. Not only does it help with my oily hair (it's my version of a 5 o'clock shadow...seriously, by the end of the day, my hair is just gross), but it helps with volume, my other issue!

Let's start with the HOW before I get to the WHAT.

HOW: When I first started using dry shampoo, I would put it on my hair in the morning, like a chump! The best way to go about it is to spray it on right before you jump into bed. That way it works its way in over night, PLUS that white residue is totally gone by the morning...leaving you with nice, voluminous, oily-less locks.

WHAT: Now, there are two different kinds of dry shampoo (that I've used). Colored and Regular. When you have a choice, always go with colored. I mean, when you can add "root cover up" to its already well established repertoire, then by all means!

Favorite colored dry shampoo:

Bumble & Bumble

By far, hands down the best. It comes in black, brunette, red & blonde. But at $35 a bottle, it's a hard splurge. It is also hard to find (besides online) because only certain salons carry it. Lollie's is where I get mine in Norman.

Runner Up colored dry shampoo:


At about $10 a bottle, this guy is a little easier to commit to. You can buy (if you're lucky and they're in stock) this brand at Ulta.

*When I do use colored dry shampoo, I use it in the mornings, otherwise you'll end up with a pillowcase that looks like it was dragged through the dirt!

Best Smelling Dry Shampoo:

Batiste Paisley

Batiste, and many other brands have different scented ones. At first I didn't care, but after having some really bad smelling ones, if I can't have colored dry shampoo, this is my next choice.

The Bad, The Ugly and The Don't Waste Your Money:

Typically, if I have to go with a brand, I like Sexy Hair...but for some reason their dry shampoo doesn't fit the bill. Honestly, I've only actually tried it a few times. I have bought at least 3 bottles, used it ONCE and the sprayer gets clogged and won't work. All three times! Fool me once....

Dove actually worked ok. But the smell is what earned its way to the bad list. Even Jake would complain about how bad it smelled. Pass!

Not surprisingly, Tresemme is on this list as well. The consistency of theirs was more wet than dry, and made my hair sticky.

2. Hardback Books

As much as we all know how much I love Pinterest and my Kindle, those can't replace pretty books! Especially design & decorating books, they are beautiful. They fancy up bookshelves, coffee tables and mantles across the globe. My amazon Wish List is 22 books deep and I keep finding new reasons to *reward* myself and buying a new one.

My favorites so far:

Domino: The Book of Decorating

This book has decorating tips for every nook and cranny in your home! In my mind, Domino can do no wrong.


Decorate is a decorating nerds dream book. It has quotes, ideas and advice from every designer and decorator that you've looked up to + a lot more from people you've never heard of!

Young House Love

YHL started off as a blog that The Petersik's started when beginning their first house renovation. I personally connect with this book because of its DIY & budget aspect. They have 243 projects, all rated by budget and difficulty level.

Top of my Wish List (ya know...just in case you feel giving):

I have a little crush on him...I think he was the first designer I ever started "following".

The Perfectly Imperfect Home

3. Groop Dealz

Imagine if Etsy & Flash Sale Sites had a cute little baby....enter Groop Dealz. They've got boutique type clothing and accessories, home decor and everything in between...and it's all super cheap! Score!

Some of the things that I keep wanting to add to my cart are:

Dainty Triangle Necklace

Arrow Vinyl Decals
(Sold by Decomod Walls and are available in tons of colors!)

Sorry Not Sorry Tee
(Sold by Cents of Style)

Set of 3 Pillow Covers

4. Late night Pinterest Browsing

For those of you who do this before you fall asleep, you know that this is different from daytime Pinterest browsing. :) Everything is funnier or cuter to me, for some delirious, post melatonin induced state. I'm usually browsing pictures of english bulldogs OR looking through the E Cards. And then I wake Jake up every single time to show him what I've found. It's this new tradition that I'm starting...he is unaware because he'll wake up, look at the picture, laugh and comment and then drift off to sleep. With no recollection the next morning until I remind him. :)

Here are my faves from last night:

from Look Human

Smokenboo - if you love bullies, then you NEED to follow them on Instagram!!

 Welp guys, I'm joyfully off to Dallas...again. Two weekends in a row. This weekend Hil and I are going to see Chelsea Handler (!!!!!!) I can't contain my excitement! Can't wait to share our trip with you!

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