Friday, January 27, 2012

Southwest Breakfast Burrito {leftovers}

300 Recipes in 1 Year
Recipe #13

Yea for leftovers....and so so so many more to come this year! :) Well I figured I would make this one of my new recipes. This is the leftovers of {THIS} recipe. Healthy too! 

First you will need to preheat the Broil option on your oven

Now, scoop up your serving of Southwest Breakfast Bake and cut it up into small pieces and microwave for about a minute {I did this because I wasn't sure if it would be warm enough on broil without burning the tortilla}

Now scoop this onto your reduced fat tortilla with whatever toppings you enjoy! I chose some extra cheese and frozen tri-colored peppers I keep in the freezer {an absolute STAPLE, I use them on EVERYTHING!!!}

Broil this for about 4 minutes. WATCH THEM....I burn too often on Broil, and my oven cooks hot. 

Then I put some salsa and a little quac. Perfect leftover meal, if you can't tell I LOVE breakfast burritos! :) 

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