Monday, January 9, 2012

Crack Bread

300 Recipes in 1 Year
Recipe #4

I stumbled upon this recipe {HERE} which I found through Pinterest and I have made 2 recipes from this blog. They are beyond easy. She calls it Crack Bread and so far she is not a liar! I'm sure I'll be using a few more of her recipes throughout the year. 

It calls for a loaf of sourdough bread, so I had an exciting {I may be using that term too loosely...} time going to the bakery section of Target. Normally I'm too tempted by their donuts or muffins to even attempt to go over there, so I just keep it at a safe distance while I pick up my grapes :) 

As I was prepping this, Mo was upset that it required the second heating, haha :) 

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