Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grilled Chicken Ratatouille

300 Recipes in 1 Year
Recipe #14

The name alone intrigued me to make this one! When people asked what I was making that night, I felt very proper and dream :) I found this recipe on a site that offers 20 easy grilled chicken recipes, which I always have in abundance in my freezer. I found this recipe {HERE}. Check out those other 19 while your at it!! I was very easy, I brought out the classic George Foreman, and grilling the veggies were so delish! My only suggestion would be to marinate the chicken in the rub for maybe 30 minutes or so. It was just a little plain on the inside, other than that it was great. The herb mixture was very good, and it was my first time ever using marjoram. 

As I've stated before in previous posts...I really am working hard on making this "Year of trying NEW THINGS" as healthy as possible. It all reminds me of my very best friend in the whole wide world: JORDAN!  Definitely "JORDAN APPROVED!" She has been begging me to include her in my blog forEVER now :) But as I am talking about leading a healthy lifestyle there is no one more worthy of a special blog post dedication! 

Jordan Jordan Jordan.....what to say about Jordan. HeHeHe...this could get interesting! Jordan has the best personality of anyone I know. We first met at church and a short time later we became inseparable on a trip to CHI-town for a wedding. She is absurdly competitive {for instance, when in Chicago, barely knowing each other, we were in our hotel playing Speed and she made us play over and over until she won the game :)} Little stuff like that... Until this past year she may have been the only real Lion's fan and is not afraid to tell anyone :) It's what everyone loves about her. She has the best silent laugh anyone has ever "heard" and on top of all of that, she is a wonderful person all around, and anyone would be blessed to call her a friend, but I'm lucky enough she is my BESTEST!! :) 

As long as I have known J, she has been a very healthy person. Constant work outs, eating right and dresses cute....always! Anyone would agree. Well, over the past year J has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease {BTW, "Crohn's isn't recognized by my spell check. Hil MAY have gotten it right on that sign :) Jordan, you should get that fixed poster child!}. It's been a crazy year, and she has definitely had her ups and downs with it all. Although this is something that she will have to live with for the rest of her life, she hasn't ever been negative about it. In fact she has done a lot to help raise awareness and is now the "OKC poster child" for the OKC Crohn's walk and will have the opportunity to share her testimony of how God has healed and given her strength. 

While all of this stuff was going on last year it made me think of how interesting her situation is. A person who her entire life has dedicated herself and time to be as healthy as possible, running a full marathon, multiple halves and eats like a rabbit, could be diagnosed with this disease which is normally discovered by living an unhealthy lifestyle, similar to mine!! She is a very strong and wonderful woman and I couldn't say more nice things about her!

Anyways, that is just a few things I could possibly talk about J Brock! One day I'll cook together a blog that just lists all of the hilarity there is to talk about that girl! 

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