Thursday, January 5, 2012

French Breakfast Puffs

300 Recipes in 1 Year
Recipe #1
I've had these on my mind ever since I first flipped through Pioneer Woman's cookbook. They remind me of the "Cinnamon Puffs" we get at the Chinese Food places, except more like a muffin. They are super delicious and easier than I thought which is a nice added bonus. Another thing I love....everything was in my pantry all ready...SCORE! It is a wonderful breakfast/dessert muffin that everyone should try. Today. I didn't do anything differently, but PW's says it makes 12, and mine made 16. Ugh, I just HATE when that happens, it's the absolute worst :/ Well, enjoy!! Here is my very first recipe of the year! Yeah me :) 1 down, 299 more to go!


Crystal McElvany said...

Looks yummy! BTW, if you need any taste testers for the rest of your 299 recipes, please let us know :)

Sandie Graves said...

Good luck Mal! It will be fun to see all of the new and *interesting* recipes that you will be trying out. As you know there's a lot on Pinterest but you might put out a request to your mom and family and ask them to send you their recipes that they have had luck with through the years. Once they have given you their recipes, (and have made them) you can compile them into a cookbook and give them as wedding gifts, shower gifts, etc. I think it would be a fun way to learn how to cook and share the recipes you love with new brides!

Mal said...

Thanks Crystal! I'm sure we will have plenty of left overs!!

Sandie- That is a wonderful idea!! I appreciate that! I'll need to add you bread one that I made also. :)

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