Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lemon Pepper Chicken

300 Recipes in 1 Year
Recipe #3

Tonight I was cooking for one, so I decided to go easy and healthy. I actually didn't follow a recipe on this one....but its pretty self explanatory. I just looked up online how long to cook chicken in the oven and followed accordingly. 

First I marinated my chicken overnight in Lemon Pepper Marinade. I marinated it frozen and by the time it came to cook it was defrosted. I don't know if that is a proper way at all, but I am not a seasoned defroster, so when I can get around it, I do. 

Before sticking it in the oven I seasoned it with Lawry's, pepper, garlic salt and put a little bit of new marinade (I didn't quite use all of the bottle when originally marinating so that I could put it on my cooked chicken and veggies) on top. 

I cooked each side of the chicken breasts for 15 minutes at 375 degrees. When flipping I seasoned the other side. It cooked perfectly! Super day I'll try a more DARING chicken dish, but I can't help but be super paranoid with that stuff :/ 

As for my veggies: I'm absolutely obsessed with zucchini, so I always look for it in those frozen packs that you just stick in the microwave. Walmart, where I usually do my shopping (ugh...I dislike it greatly, I wish they had HEB's in OK!!!) never has a California blend...ever! But I can't help shopping there because they are so cheap. Sometimes I go to Target, especially for their grapes. They have the absolute best grapes ever! But I get in trouble because their clothes and housewares are just so cute!! And I always feel like they never have everything on my list (which I don't think is ever too demanding...). There is always Homeland, but I feel like they are so overpriced when it comes to what you get in return. HEB on the other hand is always CLEAN & CHEAP & their selection is great. Well, this blog got off on an unexpected grocery shopping tangent....sorry!! Where I was going with this was....Target has the Cali blend that you can microwave, and it is THE BEST!!! 

We have Zoe right now and she is such a great blog buddy! Her snoring has such a soothing tone :) Molly and I were talking tonight and if I get married before I have a niece, Bry and Zoe will be walking down together. (It may just happen anyway...I mean, wouldn't she be just ADORABLE in a jeweled head piece and a tutu?)

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Sandie Graves said...

Hey Mal,
I found this link on Pinterest and thought of you. You might find some good recipes to try with your crockpot.

Love ya,

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