Saturday, February 21, 2015

28 while 28 #4 - Find my Starbucks Drink

4. Find my Starbucks drink. This one is a little embarrassing...every time I head in to Sbux I get flustered. I never know what I want and rarely am I super happy with what I get. It could be a combination of me not knowing what I'm talking about and the consistency of how the baristas make the drinks.

I'm looking for something that is low in calories/fat but a special treat outside of my daily kcup, 1tbsp creamer and 2 splenda.

For this challenge to be completed I will not only have to find "my" drink, but I'm going to learn terminology as well. That way when I head in to local shops, I can order like a champ.

FYI- I have already come a long way. A few years ago, in the DEAD OF WINTER I ordered what I thought was a hot drink and ended up with a frappucino. To be safe, a lot of times I would just order caramel apple cider during the cold months, just so I wouldn't embarrass myself again. :) Wish me luck! 
 Barista probs


Bethany Branscum said...

Try a skinny toffee nut latte! A grande is 120 calories. Or if you prefer more foam, do a cappuccino.
I used to be a barista, so anytime you want to try something new, bring me along! :)

Stephanie Cox said...

I recently discovered the "misto" (or "caffe misto") which is brewed coffee and steamed milk, kind of like a latte but with coffee instead of espresso. I usually have them add a few splenda, but you could add a few pumps of flavoring too. I would highly recommend giving it a try :)

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