Sunday, June 8, 2014

Calligraphy Class

Happy Rainy Sunday! 

So one of my latest obsessions has been calligraphy. My Instagram has been filled with any hand lettering accounts I can possibly find. (That, and about 12 English bulldog's an issue, I know!)

My friend Taryn and I decided to take Lauren Essl's beginning calligraphy class at Chirps & Cheers in Edmond. It was a blast! I highly recommend taking one of her classes, and I will for sure be taking one of her advanced classes! Lauren was so nice and I had fun picking her brain for 3 hours while I learned my lower case abc's. 

I took her alphabet and made my own practice sheets. 

Here was my first writing project. Not the most sentimental birthday card, but it's the prettiest! 

Chirps and Cheers has a pretty dang cute mascot as well! 

Check out Lauren's online classes as well!

1 comment:

chirps & cheers said...

Woohoo!!! So happy you enjoyed the class. We loved reading your post.

Susan & Sami (and Gibson too!)

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