Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vanilla Wedding Favors

For our wedding favors we decided on little, 1 ounce tinctures of cooking vanilla. We both enjoy cooking and baking, so we thought this would be something fun and USABLE for our guests to enjoy.

There are about one million great wedding favor ideas out there. But most of them either seemed really expensive or something that would just be thrown out at the end of the night.

My budget was about $1 per guest.

Bottles      28 cents each
Caps         22 cents each
Vanilla      19 cents (for 1 ounce of vanilla)
Label        11 cents each (These were designed by my wedding planners, Tiffany & Taylor)
The twine is from Hobby Lobby and we already had that....but even if we had bought it, it would have cost about 5 cents per bottle - at the most.

Total: 80 cents per guest! 

Mom and I used turkey basters to fill up the bottles and it took us an evening of watching TV to do about 220. Extremely easy, but a little sticky.

We had them at each place setting during the wedding. The ONLY downfall was that some of the guests didn't grab them on their way out. So, I now have  A LOT of really cute bottles of vanilla that I bake with on the reg. If I did it again, I would probably just put them on a table by the exit. Then again....I'll probably never have to buy vanilla again in my life...so maybe it's not that bad of a downfall!

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