Thursday, February 26, 2015

28 While 28 #9 - Complete a Bible Study

9. Complete a Bible Study

I have a really bad habit of starting a Bible study (whether with a group, or on my own) and not finishing it. If it's with a group, I'll continue to attend, but not do the appropriate studying that it deserves. This year I have to complete a study with all the homework done on a timely matter.

I was also just made aware of Bible journaling. Um, this may be even more of an incentive for me to complete my Bible study....and help me work on my #11 28x28 challenge.

Laura of Pitter Patter Art shares her favorite tools to create her journals.

A calligrapher I follow on Instagram recently talked about doing this as well. LJDesignCo's idea is to do a new sketch everyday and at the end of the year gift to to someone special. What an awesome gift idea! She will be posting her designs on her Pinterest page. Here is one of her designs:

How to get started with your Journaling Bible.
Anyways...Bible journaling isn't why I added completing a Bible Study to my 28x28....but it's a new way for me (and you) to see a merging of scripture and talents. 

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