Friday, June 13, 2014

Freaky Friday Faves Week 13

Ok, it CANNOT be a coincidence that my 13th week of Friday Faves fall on Friday the 13th!! As a lover of the creepy and crawly....I was very excited when I realized this!! So, in honor of the occasion, I'll share with you my favorite shows and movies that straight up freak me out (in the best ways possible!).

My sisters and I LOVE scary stuff. I have some seriously fond memories of us sitting on our beds reading scary stories and watch Are You Afraid of the Dark.

(FYI: these are NOT in any type of order)

1. American Horror Story

Um, I'm sorry....what? I remember when I saw the previews to the 3rd season because it freaked me out so much!! I actually have issues watching this show by myself...and unfortunately I married a big baby when it comes to this kind of stuff.

2. Criminal Minds

Welcome to my favorite show on earth. It's not always scary, but it is usually delightfully suspenseful. I would say that I enjoy suspense over gory type horror any day.

3. Joy Ride

There is just something about being chased that gets my heart rate going. Plus Steve Zahn (if you haven't seen The Perfect Getaway, do it) makes creepy funny, and Paul Walker...well you know...he's easy on the eyes.

4. Walking Dead

Walking Dead isn't the scariest show out there...but there are a few episodes where I jumped out of my skin a little...but it is just an all out good show.

5. Final Destination

The sequels get to be a bit much...but this movie makes me sentimental to my high school days....

6. The Conjuring

Possession isn't my favorite type of scary, but there are always exceptions. This being one of them.

Vera Farmiga is in this and plays creepy well! She also plays creepy in two other faves: Bates Motel and Orphan.

Fun fact: my first scary movie was Tremors. I might be the only person ON EARTH who was scared by that...but I think any 5 year old would be! (Thanks, Dad!)

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