Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Austin Weekend

A few weeks ago we went to Austin for our friend Delaney's graduation.

Hil, Jake & I made the trek down and if you know us AT ALL, you know what our first stop was once we entered the Lone Star State. 

Rosa's...HOLLA! It never gets old. 

On Saturday we went shopping on South Congress. Hil took one look at Hey Cupcake! and we knew we had no choice but to go. We tried a strawberry, lemon and carrot cake and the flavors were a-mah-zing. Score wise, flavor gets a 10, moistness gets a 6. It was pretty dense, so I'm sure that wasn't helping much in that department either. I'm going to say 2nd or 3rd best cupcake I've ever had.

Saturday night we celebrated Dee's graduation from that other school at J. Blacks. The Graves have been a second family to us for over 15 years! We LOVE The Graves! 

Sunday morning before we parted ways, we all went to Walton's Fancy and Staple. It's one of Sandra Bullock's Austin restaurants. 

Guys, seriously one of my most favorite restaurants! The food was amazing. 

It had a bakery and a small floral boutique attached as well. Sandy, you had me succulents, girl. 

For her graduation gift, I gave Dee a print from my fave artist Evelyn Henson

 She just did an OKC one too....I will be buying it soon!

Such a fun weekend in Austin. Even though it's home of that other school, it's a pretty fun city. 

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