Thursday, June 5, 2014

Waffle Champion

So in a quest to try as many new restaurants as possible, my nearest and dearest are truly suffering the consequences!

A few weeks ago I dragged my sis Molly out for brunch. Do you guys pay for your hair cuts and colors in brunches? You don't? Well, it's awesome...and I highly suggest you get/find/buy/steal a sibling who is in the cosmetic field. 

I had been wanting to try Waffle Champion for a while. It was good; I like waffles, and I enjoy fun foods like this. I wouldn't call it "the best" of anything....but it is a fun specialty place! 

I had my first taste of chicken and waffles. I'm really into mixing salty and sweets....especially when those sweets are honey and the salty is fried chicken. 

Molly got a waffle with chorizo and egg, and was awesome! 

And of course we had to split some waffle fries. 

Fun place and fun food. I guess it was worth it for my highlights! 

Thanks for always making my hair awesome, Mo! Love my seester!


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