Friday, June 20, 2014

Humungo Announcement + Friday Faves 14

Drum Roll Folks!!

Jake and I are getting a puppy....TOMORROW!!!! Whoop!!

We have talked about getting one since day 3 of dating. And now, finally, after 202 days of being married...we are getting our pup!

I will for sure be sharing pictures...and lots of them, soon!

As for now, I'm going to share my favorite pics of my first dog love....Zoe!! Zoe will be our puppy's cousin! And no, Zoe is NOT being replaced, just joined :)

This was Zoe being the ultimate attention whore at the wedding! Anywhere I went, she went. It is seriously one of my most favorite memories of all time!!!

My friend Keith gave me this painting he made of Zoe. He seriously gives the best gifts!!

Happy Friday Guys! Promise I'll get to posting more than once a week soon! And thanks for allowing me to do dumb stuff, like use my blog as a shrine to my niece dog :)

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