Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Faves: Week 10

Welcome to my 10th week of Friday Faves! 

This week I'm going to showcase some of my favorite rugs out there in the web. Confession time: everytime (EVERY SINGLE TIME) I see a rug on Pinterest, or out in about, in my head I say "Rug-a-Lug". Weird, I know, but you're welcome! 

Anyways, let's get down to it. These days my favorite rugs are really colorful or black and white. Aztec print or fun patterns. Tassels, cowhide, stripes, floral and just funky. If I could have wall to wall rugs throughout my home, it would happen. Also, I have expensive delusions.

1. Urban Outfitters is KING of cheap, awesome rugs. Here are my faves of what they've got now. 

2. I WILL have this rug. I spotted it at market a few years ago and let's just say the lady who runs the booth knows me by my obsession with this rug! I haven't found a lot of them online, but you can buy this one here (mine was a bit cheaper, even at a retail price, FYI).

3. This "across the pond" site is a new obsession of mine and Hil's. Blue Bell Gray might just be my most favorite designer ever. Heaven is layered in their beautiful fabrics!!! I could easily list the whole site here as my FAVES! Their use of navy makes me wish that a color could be my BFFFFFFFF. Ok, before I get too weird (oh, I already have? Awkward...) I'll show you what I'm talking about!

4. For my most subdued rug fave, I like this striped rug from Shades of Light. This would be a perfect outdoor rug!

5. Rugs USA is the ultimate place to get great quality rugs at a low price. I have spent HOURS on there. As you can see, I have an issue when it comes to navy. 

6. is another GREAT outlet for cheap rugs. Occasionally they have a sale going on and you can find rugs cheaper here than on Rugs USA. I found this one here in a 2.8 ft x 10 ft beautiful runner for about $20 cheaper than it was on Rugs USA. I was pretty proud of myself! 

7. West Elm (which I just found out that we are getting one in OKC!! Woo Hoo!!) always has a great selection of rugs. Sometimes they can be a little contemporary for my taste, but I can only handle so much of mid century inspired pieces :) Here are some  cuties they've got right now. 

8. Oh IKEA. I have such a love/hate relationship with that store. Enough relationship drama for you though! (Did I get weird again? Dang It!) I have both of these rugs in my house, currently. So cheap....I just couldn't resist! 

Ok, now that I've overwhelmed you with my rug obsession...and weirdness....go out there and get yourself a dang cute rug on a Memorial Day SALE!! :) DOUBLE YEAH for a 3 day weekend!! 

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