Monday, May 19, 2014

What We Ate In April

Here is a list of new recipes Jake and I tried in April, and our thoughts on them!

Pioneer Woman's Spaghetti

Nothing out of the ordinary with this one, typical of PW recipes, it was fantastic. It is hard fixing all of her recipes though, because they are all so rich. I find myself having to limit how many recipes of hers that I choose if we are trying to eat healthy!

Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry

This Weight Watchers recipe was delicious! Jake and I have a huge weakness when it comes to Asian cuisine, so this dish is easy enough that we can eat this as oppose to picking food up! Added bonus: we got to use our wok! Jake always gets excited using new kitchen utensils!

*Question: does anyone have any other Asian inspired dishes they love? Specifically I'm looking for a pad thai dish and a sweet and sour chicken dish.*

Cap'n Cruch Chocolate Chip Cookies

I shared this recipe with you last week of these awesome cookies I made! Such a fun and easy recipe to break up making the same types of cookies over and over again. I'm on the search for a cookie that uses Cinnamon Toast Crunch! YUM!!

Honey Beer Bread

I made the mistake of telling Jake I had the ingredients for this recipe. He asked me about it everyday for a week until I finally made it! Geez! It was very delicious. Extremely easy bread recipe to make, which was surprising. It was very dense though, so I may try a new recipe next time to see if I can get it any lighter. We love Interurban's beer bread, so I knew this would be a hit. I would have preferred more honey, which I just added to it when I ate it. Next time I'll put more in the dough!

Buttermilk Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

When you go to complete your registry at Dillards, they give you a cookbook as a gift, and we chose Southern Living Comfort Foods. Jake had been eyeing this recipe since January, and Easter was when we decided to give it a go! It tasted wonderful (what doesn't that calls for buttermilk and cream cheese?) but next time we would use actual potatoes instead of frozen.

There are several things that Jake kind of just makes on his own. He doesn't use recipes, just what we've got. It always includes meat (duh) and we have found a favorite seasoning that we LOVE using!

Head Country Seasoning

We were introduced to it by our friends, Joseph and Hannah. We use it on everything from meat to veggies. Jake recently made pork tenderloin with this as the seasoning and it was am-AH-zing! I need to try a document what he makes, which could be difficult since he is a spaz in the kitchen (and in real life).

Have a great week!

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