Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Friday Faves: Week 9

TV Shows. I love them. You love them. If you don't, we can't be friends. :)

We be like:

Between Will & Grace and Friends...I've got quotes 4 life!

I've already mentioned W&G and The Mindy Project as my favorites, so this week I'll share some of my fave new shows! (Mindy is still kind a new show....seriously, it is so funny. Season Finale was on recently, and hopefully it gets on Netflix soon!!)

1. Hollywood Game Night

If I could describe my perfect celebrity run in scenario, it would be this show. Games: check. Celebs: check. Funny Celebs: quadruple check! If I could pick my 6 celebs to play this game with it would be: Jimmy Fallon (duh.) Justin Timberlake (duh.) Donald Faison (duh.) Mindy Khaling (duh) John Krasinski (duh.) Tina Fey (double duh.) On a side note, I have a crush on all of these people.

They came out with an actual game of it, and it is on my Wish List on Amazon. Every week we watch, Jake and I both get really into it and then agree that we should both try out for the show :)

2. Brooklyn Nine Nine

I love Sandburg as much as any other guy, but ever since he left SNL, his work has kind of been mediocre. B99 does not disappoint! It's goofy and romantic and a little weird. Love! 

3. Hannibal

If you know me, you know my love for the creepy. SVU (which was just renewed for their 16th season!!) Crim Minds, The Mentalist, Bones, AHS, The Following, Walking Dead (really, I could go on forever) all crowd my DVR, waiting for when I have time to benge watch! Hannibal is truly creepy and gives an interesting POV bc we the audience know who the bad guy is the entire time. It's a really interesting take on the Hannibal series as a whole.

4. Late Night with Seth Meyers

I'm an SNL fan, so I was sad about Seth leaving, but excited that he was getting Jimmy's old gig. Now, J-Fal can't be beat. He is my ultimate fave. I might also state that I've never been through a show host change, so I didn't know what to expect. I was hesitant at first, like I'm sure anyone is with change. Basically, if you liked the vibe of SNL at all in the past several years, you'll like Late Night with Seth. It has an SNL update feel and he is always talking about BTS details! He also has said that they will be doing segments of failed skits, which I'm sure will be hilarious, in the most ridiculous way! Any SNL nerds would appreciate the show! 

We also liked a show called Surviving Jack, but it got canceled 😫 It had Chris Miloni (Elliot Stabler people!!!) playing a very funny role. Seriously, it was so funny. Jake took the news really hard. 😉

Hope you guys have a fab weekend! We are jet setting (minus the jet) off to Austin for a graduation at some weird school in Texas. ☺️ 

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