Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hil's Graduation

A few weeks ago my little sis, Hil, graduated from OT school! To celebrate we held a little party at our house.

Hil with our proud parentals!

When I let Jake know about the party he at first complained. (Classic husband response) But, I know my husband and he IS the hostess with the mostest. He LOVES cooking for others. In a different life, he may have been a chef. So, after the complaining...he went into back yard prep mode. 

At Jake's work they had some extra scraps laying around. By extra scraps I mean an entire countertop! So, Jake and his dad added some legs, stained it, and we now have a bar in our backyard!

We also added a few posts and added some string lights. 

We ordered her invitations from Lily & Wes, off of Etsy. Loving the watercolor these days!

Here are a few other pics from the party...

 Hil with our Bry!!

 The cake was a little lack luster....I mean, don't get me wrong, Sam's cakes are delicious...but they always look like they are for an 80 year old! Plus they didn't do the hashtag correctly.... Oh, about that... Hil likes to remind everyone in the family, especially our brother, that she will have her master's degree. So...we thought it would be funny to turn it into a hashtag, another thing Matt despises :) Anything to bug a family member! 

 Hil's new addition to the fambam: Joanie!! 

 I used extra tassels from the wedding (Yup....we've got A LOT left!) and put them behind the cake table for a fun backdrop. Another fun fact: it has been a month since the party and they are still up on our dining room wall! :)

I used the Hooray banner as decor in the living room. You can find my tutorial on that here.

Hil just started her first gig in Dallas. We are pretty excited for Princess Hil! 

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