Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014: A Year in Review

Guys, it's 2015. This year has always been somewhat of an imaginary futuristic year that would never come...mostly because it is the year of my 10 year high school reunion. It's officially my first "Time's Marching On" moment.

Today I'm going to recap my Highs & Low of 2014. Overall it was a wonderful year, full of travel, family and friends. We made an addition to our family and lost a family pet. We marveled in how awesome God is and how lucky we are to be surrounded by some amazing people. I listed everything in order of how they went down throughout the year.

High: We got our wedding pictures back from Caroline Rentzel. Emotions were in full force as we relived all of that perfect day. Amazing.

High: A trip to Dallas to see Chelsea Handler do stand up and connecting with these fun friends (plus Jake, Cody & Keith)!

High: I took Lauren Essl's Calligraphy Class with my friend Taryn (I posted about it here). You've heard me gush about it before...but man I LOVE creative education!!

High: Trip to Austin for our friend Delaney's graduation. Austin is a pretty cool town, we are definitely making another trip down there. (That part of Texas is my have Gruene, Austin, floating the river, Round Top shopping is on my to do list...just so many great things!) 

High: We went on our first of two camping trips with our besties, The Jones'. 

Biggest High of the year: We became parents to our sweet and cuddly fur baby, Dixie! She is our little English bully and we are so in love. I'm doing my best not to be "that mom" and have her take over my insta feed...but sometimes you just gotta give into that lovin' feelin', ya know?

High: Our wedding was featured on Wedding Chicks!!! Super big high seeing our (my friends, family and vendors) hard work paying off in a humungo way!! I still get a little giddy thinking about it.

High: McGuire Family Vacay to Grand Lake. It was our first vacation as a family in 10 years and it was so fun! So much fun that I took ZERO pictures! It felt really nice to be unplugged and just enjoying my hilarious family! We introduced them to Cards Against Humanity, baked, relaxed, laughed, made fun of each other, swam a lot and found out how big of a chicken I was because I'm too scared to go fast on a jet ski! I stole this picture from Kortny, my SIL of my dad and Bryson steering the boat.

High: I got a promotion at work! I could put a pic of my new office up, but I'm embarrassed by how bare the walls still are!

Lowest of Lows: I lost my bestie, my flower bully, my favorite cuddle partner of 8 years and my niece dog to cancer. It was seriously the hardest and worst time ever. I'm very lucky to say that I've never lost a human I'm very close to, so I don't have anything bigger to compare it to. I am super thankful that I have some pretty awesome pics of her from our wedding! I still get really emotional thinking about her, and before we got Dixie I was actually really fearful that I wouldn't love my own dog as much as I love Zoe. Of course, that's ridiculous. 

High: In October we started an unintentional travel spree. 4 of 5 weekends we were on the road! First, to Dallas for the OU/Texas game (Boomer Sooner) 

Second, our 2nd camping trip with the Jones'

Third, we went with our friends Justin & Brandi to Eureka Springs. 

Fourth, we headed to Nashville for our anniversary trip and to see our friends Boston & Janelle! Another amazing city I have yet to blog about. But it'll come, I have to share with you all of the great places we ate! 

High: Our first wedding anniversary!! What? Our first year went by so quickly! We spent it by sleeping in, eating Bundt cake and watching Frozen and Monster's University :) We're boring...and it was perfect! 

High: I went to Pursue's Holiday workshop with my friend Brandi. Our friend Molly (one of the owner's of Pursue) taught us how to do brushstroke calligraphy and Poppy Lane Designs taught us how to put together a beautiful flower arrangement with trimmings from the yard. It was a glorious day!

Overall I'm surprised by how much we traveled, disappointed by my lack of blogging and my Sooner's football season (better luck next year, right?). And still missing ZoĆ«. Obviously the good outweighs the bad and I had a wonderful first year of marriage with my hubby! 

Here's to higher highs in 2015! Maybe we'll buy our first home, spend more time with family, catch up on our DVR, and grow closer to friends, and Christ.

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