Thursday, January 29, 2015

If Instagram + Pinterest had babies....

If you know me - like, at all... You know Instagram is far and beyond my favorite mode of social media transportation. But, it is not without its flaws.

In a perfect world, Instagram would cut a little chunk of Pinterest off and make beautiful social media babies. Take a minute a picture that baby shower! I just pictured Blake Lively's Fall baby shower: 

Um, right??

As a blogger, I really enjoy Instagram to follow other bloggers, designers and small businesses. Of course there are my friends and countless English bulldog accounts thrown in there as well :) Keeping that in are some of the changes I would make to Instagram:

1. Being able to "Pin" and organize the Instagram photos you like. There are a ridiculous amount of screenshots on my phone of posts I need to go back and read, or of a project that I want to DIY or of a pretty space I want to keep as inspiration.

2. If they won't let us "Pin" our photos somewhere on Instagram, I wish they would let us access Pinterest directly and Pin from a post.

3. I would like to be able to organize the accounts that I follow by categories: English bulldogs, OKC, bloggers, designers, friends/personal, celebrities, etc. I realize that not everyone uses Insta the way I do... So this could be helpful for those like me and annoying to those who just use Insta as a picture feed. I think this would be extremely helpful for businesses though. What am I supposed to do if I ran across something on Instagram I want to buy and forget to take a screenshot, or like it? I would go to my "Shopping" category and find awesome t-shirt again. 

 4. I wish you could add a link in the description of the picture or in the comments. Just so you don't have to keep changing the link in your profile.

 5. I wish there was an "advanced search" you could look through the people you follow. I follow over 600 people.... so when I was in Dallas a few weekends ago and wanted to know which of those accounts were from the Dallas area. I wanted to see if I followed any local stores, restaurants or any bloggers who might have good local shopping/eating choices readily available. Or at least if I knew who was from the area, I could directly ask their opinion. I realize this one is a little EEPY-CRA, but this is only for those who offer up their location.

Anyone have Instagram's #?

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